13 July 2010

Other people

I'll have to get used to having other people around when I use this voice-activated software. I feel a little bit intimidated and shy about them hearing what I am saying. I could send them downstairs to do laundry or maybe out to walk the dogs. Perhaps I will just ask that they put on a headset and listen to music. At any rate here it is almost 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I have yet to get anything done. This is not the progress I wanted to make this week. Maybe I can work on a drawing before Holly and Jordan get home.

12 July 2010

After a long hiatus, I'm back

It feels like forever since I have written here. So many projects kept me away but now I have returned.

I finally have the voice-activated software updated and operational. Two stories and one essay are in the works.

The cartoons have been fun to draw and seem to really capture the neighborhood children. We all miss the Shiny Bob character so maybe he can come back for an occassional visit. The latest addition to the 4th Avenue South gang involves another dog. I'll keep you posted.

I was given a cool digital drawing board. There has been a pesky snafu with the installation but my crackerjack technical team assures me success is within reach.

Pretty excited about these developments.